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Blog #2 – Hot Ziggity! August 11, 2009

Posted by darpop in Blog.

Hot ziggidy!! I had a GREAT audition yesterday! It was for a film…a book trailer. Ok, not a blockbuster but hey, it’s a film. I was told I did a GREAT job! They loved my monologue, which  they asked me to do with an English accent – hey no problem! Shall I stand on my head too?? I will!! I’ll do it!!! They gave me my character lines, which I did and they LOVED! My appointment was at 1:00pm and they said I was the best one so far!! The only problem is, I hear that at EVERY audition. They always say “great! Perfect! Right on!” You leave thinking YESSS! And then you neeeeever hear from them again.  So I guess if Meryl Streep doesn’t audition, I have the role!

Now about Meryl Streep. Is there ANYTHING that woman can’t do??? I just saw “Julie & Julia” and I disagree with some of the reviews I’ve been reading that say the film was lopsided. That the scenes with Amy Adams makes the viewer yearn for the scenes with Meryl Streep. WHA? HUH? Au contraire! If an entire cast could be given Academy Awards – the entire cast of “Julie & Julia” deserve them! It was beautifully acted and it WAS NOT lopsided. Meryl Streep was portraying a larger than life character and Amy Adams was portraying – one of us! The average person who found a purpose in life through a blog…(gee, that sounds familiar). In fact, as I left the theatre, I mentioned to my friend that I disagreed with the reviews – and a lady in front of me said “I think so too!” So there. SSPPLLTT! I once asked a friend, who was a reviewer for many years, what qualifications he had to have. He said the only difference between his opinion and mine was that his gets published and mine doesn’t. Oh yeah? Not now with the internet baby! I say again, SSSPPPPLLLTTT!


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