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Standing “O!” February 26, 2010

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STANDING O!!!! That’s what Rita Abrams and I received today at our preview show at the Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club’s Annual Tea where I performed Rita’s original songs. About 200 people and they LOVED US!!! Unbelievably civilized with finger sandwiches (sans crust thank you very much) and, of course, tea poured by a lovely, elegant lady who offered “milk? Or cream?” Who knew clubs like this still existed. Lovely people. Lovely day – and it’s on video kids!!! All Rita’s numbers went over like an actor’s dream, audience got it – were with us – and laughed like a gift from show biz heaven! Rita introduced my Coach, Bev, who will direct our full-length show, mentioned all her January/2010 bookings i.e. being cast on an episode of “Trauma, worked on Clint Eastwood’s film “Hereafter,” starring Matt Damon, Merrill Lynch commercial and a print job. Not bad for an almost 85 yr old. Rita said she told her 28 yr old daughter, who’s in LA working on her acting career that she needs to hang in there for 57 more years. Many people at the Art Club asked when we were going to do the show at the Throckmorton. Give us a date and we’re there!!! All in all – a lovely day for all!


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