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How Lucky Can You Get – Goldstar review August 29, 2010

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Darlene is an immensely talented and versatile performer and Thursday night’s preview performance was a solid hit with the audience. Her program was beautifully crafted and presented in all details, including song choices, excellent piano and vocal accompaniement, minimal, but effective stage design and costuming,and good stage direction in a limited space.Darlene is the real star because she puts over each song with her whole being and she loves what she does. Just a terrific show!

From a dear friend and wonderful performer, Tom Orr:
“Thank you Darlene, Joe and Allen for a truly wonderful show! I haven’t been able to see much this summer and I was looking forward to sitting back and enjoying great music in great hands. I hit the jackpot! Or, more precisely, YOU did! Dar, you are simply one of my favorite instruments ever, with hilarious and distinct character work, a sexy side I’d never seen before and that voice — that creamy dreamy lush luscious voice! — that made every song sound like I was hearing it for the first time. Your harmonies with Joe are delicious, your comic schtick and sidelong glances are priceless. The song list was perfectly chosen, such a good fit of performer and material, with lots of familiar stuff for the uninitiated and choice obscure morsels for us diehards. How Lucky Can You Get? Indeed. Thanks again and have a great run! ♥ Tom”