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First Review of Absolutely San Francisco! April 14, 2011

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ABSOLUTELY SAN FRANCISCO will get the Tourists. This new musical by Anne Doherty is homage to San Francisco’s quirky ways. There is “Sunshine” – a 60’s homeless woman. She lives under the Cupid Arrow on the Embarcadero. And … she hears voices … most notably coming from Sutro Tower. There is the typical Cable Car Conductor, a Chinese shopkeeper a gay wine merchant and an Indian engineer plus an eccentric hippie billionaire. Now that’s a typical mix of SF personalities … most you have seen around town. Just take a walk down Market Street.

The set is quite amazing with the use of Rear and front projection screens. We see the Cable Cars running up and down Powell Street and other City Landmarks. When I first arrived in the City … I was asked to be in a play that revolved around the Cable Cars … I was the Conductor. The costume made me look like a Chekhovian Freedom fighter. My job … was to shout out the stops and make some inane jokes. It was so bad … that we had to beg the audience to stay.

This show (ABSF) is much better … after all … we get the astonishing talents of Darlene Popovic, who carries the entire show. As Sunshine and other characters she sings … she’s a tour guide … she’s homeless … she cares about people and always listens to ‘Coit Tower’. Now if that isn’t eccentric enough for you, then nothing is. I think I’ve seen her around U.N. Plaza with her shopping cart filled with junk.

This is a fun crazy show … but one that tourists will just relish. Not only does the show give you tips on what to see … it will be something that tourists can take back to their hometown. The musical review with songs like “I’ve Always Loved You” … and the touching “Home” will be something that they can take home with them. To make it even more fun … I would like to see them use the instruments on the stage instead of the recorded tracks. It would add a lot!

There are some interesting perks for tickets purchases: If you buy two tickets … you may get a bag of goodies that include passes to other events around town. Also … in the bag there is a bottle of fine wine … chocolates and other memories of San Francisco. At the Alcove Theatre on Mason Street (between Geary and Post St.) You can get additional info at: http://www.notquiteopera.org/. Absolutely San Francisco is VERY SF.

By Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave‚ Mar. 25‚ 2011


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