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PHOTO December 25, 2014

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Dar 033 05_14 final email and web


1. darpop - December 25, 2014

Okaaaay, am trying to add a new photo into the banner above and I have nooooooo idea how. So – here it is! Such as it is…and where it is…oh to be a techie…sigh….

2. bettinadevin - December 25, 2014

Merry Xmas Dar! Love this pic of you! So sorry I haven’t been able to come catch your shows. I can’t run any faster than I’ve been running, but I do think of you and see all that you are doing! Glad Bev is out and about and always looking so amazing. Please give her my love and hugs to you both for Xmas!

xoxo Bettina

darpop - December 26, 2014

Thank you and the same to you!! Bev kind of ran out of steam and now has the flu – and the dog is sick as well so happy holidays to us!! OY! Hope all is going well with you! xo

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